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Property Tax Depreciation Services in Perth from Amedeo Properties

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How Can Property Tax Depreciation Help Maximise Returns?

Only about 30 per cent of property investors in Australia are aware of property tax depreciation services and how a tax depreciation schedule can benefit them. Depreciation occurs over time, and it is inevitable for any property to incur costs as it continues to serve its tenants. A tax depreciation schedule serves as an effective tool that property investors can utilise to maximise their ROI.

A tax depreciation schedule allows you to make a one-off payment to access a 40-year property depreciation schedule for tax services. This means that as your investment property’s wear and tear accumulate and cost-per-use increases, you can claim tax deductions through a form of depreciation expense. Your accountant can then review and analyse the schedule so you can maximise your annual returns and overcome any taxable income through legal means.

With Amedeo Properties, one of the leading new home builders and property maintenance providers in Perth, you get to experience a personalised, end-to-end service. From home construction to extensions, renovations and even learning about tax returns due to property deprecation, Amedeo can be your go-to guy.

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How to Get a
Property Tax Depreciation Schedule in Perth?

As a property investor in Perth, getting a depreciation schedule is essential because it enables you to maximise your tax deductions, which then allows you to make more returns on your investment. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requires any investment property owner to seek out the expertise of a quantity surveyor. Recognised by the ATO, quantity surveyors can estimate the historical and running costs of a property and its assets.

Amedeo Properties is here to assist you with this need. Through up-to-date data on the real estate market and decades of experience in the construction industry, we can help provide a report for you, so you’ll have the option to review your potential gains before proceeding with the purchase of a deprecation schedule.

You can also refer to a depreciation calculator to get an idea about your potential claims, so you’ll at least have an estimate. A quantity surveyor will pay your property a visit and conduct the necessary inspection, such as reviewing the condition of tilings, appliances, utilities and the status of the building concrete, among others. It’ll take no more than two weeks before you receive your property tax depreciation schedule.

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Option 1
Residential Depreciation Schedule Including a site visit.

A site visit is required when the actual costs are unknown, and the property was owned before 9 May 2017 and rented out before 1 July 2017.
In this case, all depreciation can be claimed according to the previous ATO rules, which had been changed on 9 May 2017, and this includes second hand assets.
A site visit is necessary as it helps maximise the claim, as the quantity inspector will have to personally take a look at the property.
The cost for this option ranges between $450+gst and $500+gst, depending on the property’s size and location.
The inclusion of furnishings as part of the rental in the depreciation report will cost an additional $50+gst.
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Option 2
Residential Depreciation Schedule where a site visit is not required.

A site visit is no longer required, and an estimate can be done when a property had been contracted to be purchased after 9 May 2017 and its construction had taken place after September 1987 – this means that there will be depreciation remaining on the original construction.
Any new assets purchased for the rental property, such as appliances and furnishings, can be claimed through their actual costs.
The cost for this option ranges between $250+gst and $420+gst, depending on the amount of the new assets’ actual purchase costs.
Newly constructed homes and apartments may fall under this option; however, luxury homes and apartments may be better suited for a site visit.
Client 3

Option 3
Commercial Depreciation Schedule.

A site visit is always required for such properties that have not been affected by any changes in the ATO’s depreciation rules.
The cost of commercial depreciation reports is to be agreed upon in writing.
The cost of this option, in general, can either be $500+gst or 3.5% of the depreciation claim in the first full taxable year.
The cost also includes all office areas, such as appliances and furniture.
Commercial properties include warehouses, factories, or any property recognised for commercial use.

What Are the Benefits of a Depreciation Schedule?

With Amedeo Properties, you can maximise your investment through property tax depreciation services. Here are the other benefits that come with it:

  • Unlike other tax deductions, a depreciation schedule warrants a one-time fee, so you can claim depreciation deductions without having to spend any expense for it every financial year.
  • The property tax depreciation enables you to experience better cashflow through ways such as offsetting other expenses.
  • The depreciation schedule is tailored to help property investor maximise all the benefits that the ATO provides for all new and old types of properties.
  • As a property investor, you get to start your journey towards wealth-building through the careful management of your property investment’s finances.
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    What Do I Do After I Receive My Property Tax Depreciation Schedule?

    Once you’ve received your completed property tax depreciation schedule, all you have to do is to send it over to your accountant. After reviewing and analysing the schedule, they’ll be submitting the results in your tax return for every financial year, so you have nothing to worry about. Easy, right?