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What is renovation project management?

For home and building renovations, hiring a project manager can help you achieve one main thing: project completion without worrying about a thing. We understand that there are small projects that won’t need the help of a project manager, unlike larger renovation jobs, but if you want to get a construction job done right, Amedeo Properties is your guy.

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Project management primarily involves the following tasks:

  • Create a timeline for the renovation project
  • Estimate the budget necessary, manage finances and ensure that costs are kept within threshold
  • Liaise with the client, tradesmen and workers
  • Manage the contracts involved in the renovation process
  • Coordinate with the necessary building authorities and minimise disruption to the client and their neighbourhood
  • Supervise the construction and building process
  • Assure that quality is met and that the building complies with the required safety standards
  • Deliver the client’s renovation and construction demands to satisfaction
  • Manage the project from start to turnover

Whether you need a consultant-type project manager who can deliver a part of a project, or a full-time residential building project manager who provides end-to-end service, you can rely on us to guarantee quality craftsmanship at affordable costs.

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Our pricing process

Depending on your needs, feel free to message us so we can prepare a quotation. That said, project management rates can vary according to the job type. Some clients require hourly work for consultation, whilst others will charge a percentage of the project. For renovation and building projects, it is important to note that the larger the job, the greater demand there is for an expert to oversee and manage the project.

When do you need a renovation or building project manager?

Easy DIY projects oftentimes can be managed by one person, but if you want to get the most bang for your buck, you can trust that hiring a project manager can be the best decision you’ve ever made. Imagine needing a second-floor home extension to a bungalow – this warrants enough area on the ground floor to move around and work, so you’ll need to consider this to as you proceed with the design. A construction and building project manager will know how to execute this efficiently from the get-go, which saves you time, costly errors and do-overs.

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Building and renovation project managers have years of experience in the trade, which allow them to deliver quality work. Here are the key benefits of working with a project manager:

  • The project schedule is followed, and you get to save on unnecessary costs, thus keeping the renovation within your budget and timeline.
  • As subject matter experts, having a project manager mitigates any potential risks or issues during construction.
  • A project manager will take care of everything, so you have nothing to worry. This allows you to spend more of your time working on your goals and living your life.


Is it difficult to project manage a renovation?

Like any project, a renovation or construction requires a combination of technical skill and building knowledge, and the success of the project is relative to your experience if you choose to DIY. A renovation involves four core stages, so if you’re not familiar with these four, then the answer is yes – it can be difficult to project manage a renovation. That said, trust that Amedeo Properties can take care of any renovation and make it look easy.


What are the four stages in renovation and construction project management?

The four core stages in construction project management include:

  • Design – this involves conceptualisation, all the design phases, and getting the requirements and contracts together.
  • Preconstruction – this includes the bidding phase and hiring manpower and personnel, so at this point, assigning a project manager is crucial. Once all the necessary positions are filled, the site inspection phase follows.
  • Procurement – with all the plans and personnel in place, this stage involves purchasing materials and getting equipment to proceed with the construction project.
  • Construction – this involves handling schedules and timelines, determining man-hours and working shifts, storage of materials and equipment, quality assurance and control, and site access, amongst other things. Managing payment schedules and dealing with job order processes are important tasks in this stage as well.


How much does it cost to hire a renovation and construction project manager?

According to an online service provider, hiring a construction project manager can cost an average of $25,200 more or less, or it can range between $3,200 and $52,500. Oftentimes, the fee of a project manager hovers around 5% to 15% of a project cost – relative to the budget and size of the project.


How long does it take to build a new house?

Once the land or property is purchased and all the design phases have been completed and approved, a new house in Australia averages around four to twelve months to build. However, ten to twelve months is the industry average for standard well-built, two-storey homes. For anything more complicated, a realistic timeframe would be longer than a year to complete a home with complex and intricate designs.


How much will it cost to build a new house?

According to Property Update, it will cost around $1,600 per square metre to build a simple home. Quite distant from the average cost of a custom-designed home at $3,000 to $5,000, a standard-sized home will have a property measuring around 150-170 square metres. That said, an average residential property in Australia measures 223 square metres, which brings the total cost of building a new home to around $320,240 – however, it is important to note that this estimate costing is a per sqm basis and is not reflective of actual costs.

Feel free to message Amedeo Properties for a quote.

Can’t wait to get started on a project?

Amedeo Properties has 38 years of experience in the building industry under its belt – a manifestation of a long-standing relationship with clients, both old and new. With renovation and building project management, we provide our clients with peace of mind by taking care of their renovation and construction problems.

Don’t hesitate to message us for any enquiries.

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