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Amedeo Properties are new home builders in Perth specialising in property maintenance, repairs and renovations

First-class full-value construction, quality craftsmanship and bespoke new home building and renovation in Perth.


Amedeo Properties are new home builders in Perth specialising in property maintenance, repairs and renovations

First-class full-value construction, quality craftsmanship and bespoke new home building and renovation in Perth.


Amedeo De Santis

38 Years Building Experience, Hands-on Approach

Amedeo De Santis, Founder and Director, has spent more than three decades in the building and construction industry, growing the family business into what it is today.

Under the tutelage of his Grandfather, a champion of stonemasonry, Amedeo started working and learning about building as an enterprise. A family trademark that spans generations, building and construction has always been in their DNA, passed down as an heirloom. With his knowledge and experience in both Australia and the United States, Amedeo has had the opportunity to expand his skillsets as a builder, project manager, businessman and leader.

Established in 1987, Amedeo Properties PTY LTD continues to thrive, as it continues to deliver Amedeo’s standard of master craftsmanship and exceptional service as a new home builder in Perth.

Our Services

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Renovation Project Management

Why trouble yourself with overseeing a renovation project when you can have a cost-effective project manager do all the dirty work for you? As subject matter experts in building and construction, here are the benefits that you get working with Amadeo’s project management:

Turnaround time is followed, and costs are kept within budget
Expert problem-solving skills should any issue arise on-site
You get to focus on your goals and leave everything to the project manager
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Building Renovation

Renovation projects can be tricky to execute, especially when the jobsite is only part of a larger structure. That being said, Amedeo Properties’ experience of over 30 years building and renovating houses, kitchens and bathrooms speaks for itself. We have tried-and-tested systems with processes that help us ensure that we deliver:

Complete bathroom renovations
Kitchen renovations
House extensions
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Building and Property Maintenance

There is no job too small when it comes to property maintenance, as every part of our homes will eventually need some tender loving care. Repairing cracked walls and moisture damage, cleaning gutters, re-grouting tiles and replacing doors – these are the little headaches that don’t go away. With a reliable maintenance services provider, your property will be well-taken care of, and all your problems solved right away.

Strata maintenance services
Home maintenance and repair
Cracked wall repair


Kitchen renovations are just one of the many ways we can transform your home into a fully functioning haven for you and your family. Cook hearty meals with durable, aesthetic kitchen shelves and cabinets, granite tabletops, energy-efficient lights and cooker hoods. With Amedeo Properties, you get the dream kitchen you deserve.

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Bathroom renovations of quality can turn any half-decent abode into a world-class experience. From the tiles to the lighting, vanity, sink, drawers and shelves – it just has to all come together. Only a craftsman with an eye for beautiful design and the able hands to pull it off can turn a downtrodden bathroom into an adorable space that merits deep contemplation.

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Outdoor home maintenance is crucial to keeping any home functional whilst exuding the same charm it has always had since it was first built. Whether you need a large-scale renovation, some coating and repainting or general property maintenance in Perth, our experienced tradesmen specialise in making old homes new again. We deliver a level of craftsmanship that delights and excites.

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If you choose to use his services, be prepared for some excellent insights, anecdotes and a personality to boot. This is how tradesmen and contractors should be. It’s not about the buck but about the relationship that ends up finding the perfect solution for your building and construction.

Ryan, Mount Nasura, WA

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I had many issues with my home that I recently purchased. Initially, I thought to engage each issue individually, until I was recommended Amedeo Properties. The many problems with the home included leaking toilets, collapsing ceiling, broken foundation and cracked walls, among other nightmares. One call to Amedeo Properties, and all my issues were resolved for me in a very prompt and professional manner. Thanks Amedeo!

Daniel, Homeowner

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