Cutting Driveway to Replace a Broken Pipe

A 5 million dollar mansion had a leak in the sewer pipe. The sewer water was leaving a foul smell outside the house and fed a nest of cockroaches. For this job we had to replace a damaged pipe located under the driveway.

We used a circular saw to cut the driveway carefully and access the pipe.

The hole was dug by hand.

We can see that the pipe is badly damaged. This probably occurred while the house was being built.

We replaced the pipe to make the connection strong and watertight.

The hole in the driveway was filled with sand and is ready to be concreted.

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Amedeo De Santis has been in the building industry for more than 30 years. He began his working life under the tutelage of his Grandfather who was a stonemason and then later in the family building business.

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