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How to Start Planning a House Extension

May 26, 2021 / 0 Comments

Amedeo Properties offers more than three decades of experience as home renovation builders in Perth, assuring you of quality craftsmanship when it comes to building a house extension.

If you have long been wanting to maximise your property’s size and construct a house extension, but don’t know where to start, trust that we can deliver the expertise and skills necessary for end-to-end building and renovation services.

We’ll be with you every step of the journey and guide you on how to start a house extension.


Think about it first: Why should you get a house extension?

 There can be plenty of reasons to consider a house extension. A growing family, for example, is the perfect reason to add a bedroom or two. Setting up your primary residence for a potential rental investment opportunity is another valid reason to consider a renovation. Apart from these two, here are three reasons a house extension is worth your time and money:

house with modern conveniences
  • You get to enjoy additional living spaces in your property that offer modern conveniences.
  • You get to add more value to your property, effectively increasing its value and selling price.
  • You get to take decide if you want a single-storey or a second-storey extension, but either way, this is an opportunity to transform your home into a better version of itself.

Depending on your needs and budget, going through with an extension can be worth the time, money and effort – especially if there is much sentimental value to your home. However, deciding to flip your primary residence and move into a larger property is another option as well. Weigh the pros and cons, so you can figure out why a house extension is necessary.

Comparing the costs of a home extension to buying or constructing a new home

When compared to building an extension, here are some the costs to factor in when considering either the construction of a new home, or purchasing a new property as your primary residence:

considerations when moving in
  • When buying a new home, you will have to hire a real estate agent, and this can include marketing, advertising and sales costs.
  • When buying new property, you will have to deal with the costs that come with a mortgage loan.
  • When buying a new home or choosing to construct a new house, apart from the initial lump sum you must spend, there are miscellaneous expenses such as stamp duty and the removal of utilities, amongst other costs that can eventually add up.

Unless there are external reasons that can greatly affect the quality of your life, such as accessibility to work, school or a charming neighbourhood, moving to a new place will be more expensive as opposed to seeking a home extension.

Getting on with the House Extension: Where to Start?

As mentioned earlier, it is important for any homeowner to determine the reason behind the home extension, as this will influence the decisions that will go into the construction. It is necessary that as a homeowner, you are aware of the extension’s goals.

Once you have realised what purpose you want the extension to serve, you can move on to determining and allocating your budget. Naturally, this must be realistic and align with the project’s goals.

After determining the extension project’s goals and budget, you have to consider where you will be staying during the actual renovation phase.

Hire a professional team that includes a project manager, architect, designer, engineer or licensed builder to ensure you won’t be wasting precious resources on amateur work. Especially for larger renovation and extension projects, there will be a greater need for experts, as there will be greater risks involved as well. You will be living in this space, after all, so you it is crucial to address safety and durability.

hiring a professional construction team

To achieve structural integrity in your existing home and maintain the seamlessness in design, it is also important that the materials, styles and overall design of your extension matches your home. It would be jarring to look at mismatched tiles and uneven paint, obviously pointing out the gap between the old home and the extension.

These are just a few details that a home extension will necessitate, so take extra care and caution when it comes to the planning and design phase before proceeding with construction.

How much will a home extension cost?

Again, this is relative to the size of the project, and dependent on your goals. That said, most single-storey extensions can fetch a price tag of $1,400 to $2,100 per square metre. As an example, then, an 80-square metre extension to a bungalow will have a ballpark figure of anywhere between $164,600 to $310,900 – of course, depending on the quality of selected materials and the grandiosity or simplicity of the design.

cost of the second storey

The estimated costs for a second-storey extension, meanwhile, can be easier to calculate. Take the costs of a single-storey extension and multiply it by 150 per cent. This can be quite heavy financially but adding vertical space to your property largely impacts its value.

Working with Amedeo Properties

Why choose to DIY a home extension and risk costly do-overs and shoddy output? It’s more than a simple remodelling job, so be prudent in deciding to do DIY, because you will always have the option to hire experienced professionals with years in handling building and construction work.

Amedeo Properties – a reliable and trusted new home builder specialising in property repairs, renovation and maintenance in Perth – delivers dedicated workmanship and first-class, full-value construction. For all your home extension needs, the classic Amedeo experience promises to deliver an overall improvement in the quality of life for all our clients by restoring the charm of old and dilapidated homes.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today or visit our website for more information.

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Carpentry Work

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Granite Tiling Around Pool

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New Lawn

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Sometimes access is very tight … we move 4-7 m3 sand by hand … compact prepare and level … finish off well new lawn and automated reticulation system fully installed working well

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Roof Mediation Perth

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Convert Roof space into a room- Attic

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Before and after we converted the roof space into a room known as an attic in the roof work. Have you ever had to be creative and find that extra space in your home to accommodate that an additional family member? Could it be your mother in law is coming to visit to stay from overseas, imagine this and you have no room available and no space in your current residence. Added to this you need to do this task expediently and economically.

Converting your roof space into an attic could be the solution.

Well, let me tell you how it can be done. come and see Amedeo here in Maida Vale of Amedeo Properties – Bintharrt Construction and we can show you how.

Have you ever thought of utilising the extra space you have in the ceiling… here is your magical answer to how we achieved this so thought impossible mission.

The above view is an actual project achieving these above tasks the before photos of viewing the roof space’s internal areas, with some innovative design and well calculated engineering and full building approvals. The attic room in the roof with an added bathroom ensuite can successfully be achieved.

The last photos below are the finished and progress photos of this project.

Finished master bedroom room and en suit in roof with Velux dormer window air conditioner and beautiful 85mm 25yrs seasons Oregon flooring in ceiling roof space.

Home extension Attic solutions Perth

Construction of ensuite wall cleverly trimmed into roof space …master craftsmen workmanship.

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Tangmere Way, Balga, WA

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My Expert Is Better Than Yours

September 8, 2020 / 0 Comments

When buying a home, always engage your own expert for a structural report and a white ant inspection report. Some experts are better than others, and it’s best to remember, “my expert’s better than yours”.

If you engage a building consultant, building engineer and white ant specialist, they are working for you. Make the conditions of the sale of the property you wish to buy, the provision of a structural report by your building engineer and a white ant inspection report by your white ant specialist as a minimum.

I recall a client calling me to check a home; it was built in the 1960s; it was timber-framed and had asbestos cladding. They fell in love with the character of the property, and the location was perfect for them.

My client was awaiting the settlement date in four weeks and had done all the negotiations with the agents and paid a substantial deposit. The agent issued a clearance white ant certificate to my client and gave the verbal assurance that everything was all clear, and the white ant persons had checked the property thoroughly.

Do Your Due diligence of the property.

Is this good enough? Should you buy a property based on what someone else says? In short, no. As the old saying goes “buyer beware”. You may not know that the seller does not take responsibility if there is white ant activity or damage to the property; this is up to you and your due diligence.

My client had concerns and called me for advice and assistance for his own peace of mind. I provided an inspection of the property and a full report. I also arranged my nominated appropriate persons and competent experts in white ant investigations to recheck the property. I engaged carpenter contractors with many years of experience to inspect the roof and carefully remove cladding where signs showed damage, visible only to the trained eye, and low and behold; there was a huge amount of white ant damage found in the roof and timber rafters. The approximate cost of repairs was $50,000. As the inspection continued, white ant nests were also found.

But wait, there was more. This was just the tip of the iceberg. Repairs were needed to the internal timber floor, fully rusted out gutters with holes right around the property, lots of dry rot in a significant amount of all the structural timber and much more.

Recommendations were simple; this property was not worth being purchased unless my client was prepared to pay a significant amount of money to bring it back to being a habitable home, free from future costly repair and maintenance work.

As a result, my client demanded a full refund of their $10,000 deposit. In this case, the money was paid back in full, but others have not been so lucky.

One of the many lessons learnt here was that not all properties on the market would be in the state you wish them to be, and agents may mislead you. In this case, the misleading interpretation of the property’s state by the real estate agents and their nominated trades’ disclaimers led my client into believing that everything was OK.

Often clients fall in love with the words and feelings of the home, the location and lifestyle etc., and they are blinded by simple facts or have no knowledge and get sold a lemon quite easily.

Small investment with the building and renovation expert

Therefore, if buying a property, make a small investment and get independent, reputable building consultants to liaise and consult for an independent report with genuine recommendations. You could save yourself a lot of money and a lot of headaches.

Contact us we can help you with all your home and building maintenance

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Common home maintenance mistakes

September 3, 2020 / 0 Comments

Whilst owning a home is a joy, it also brings with it the issue of ongoing maintenance. It can present with some common home maintenance mistakes. Whether your home is relatively new or getting on in years, keeping up with maintenance is needed to keep your home a ‘home’ – a comfortable space that is nice to live in.

While some of us have the skills to attend to general wear and tear, finding the time can be more of the issue. You notice a crack in the wall, flaking plaster, a leak in the gutter…you will get around to it when you have time.
Finally, you have the time – you seal the crack, scrape off the flakes, and put some no-more-gaps around the gutter. Then the same thing happens again.

Amedeo Properties can co-ordinate skilled tradesman and handyman in Perth who can treat the symptom and have an everyday remit that they also need to find the cause. That doesn’t mean you need to treat the cause – sometimes treating the symptom really is OK! Amedeo can easily guide you when a real issue needs rectification versus an opportunistic attempt to make your small job more profitable.

Obtaining quotes to get repairs done is the smart thing to do. It’s effortless to engage a handyman or tradesman without getting what is covered written down. What happens if the job takes more time than they anticipated? Are they quoting you a lower price because they have not included some items where another has? For instance, what quality is the door you are getting replaced – is the door surrounds included, new hinges, handle? Some of your basic expectations are not necessarily part of your agreement. It is ok to establish the job requirements – you are employing them and providing an income. Just know how to pick the right person.

It comes down to the standard of work

Some of the highest quality work can be from a handyman…and also the poorest. If you are not in the industry, it can be hard to know who the right person to choose is – are their prices fair, are they reliable, do they work hard?

Having spare funds to perform maintenance is often an issue – it can be a costly exercise. Choosing who will do the job is often a decision based on the quote. It makes sense – we all want to save money where we can. Getting a cheap job can sometimes mean that … a poorly executed job, using poor quality materials. Going for the highest quote might still arrive at the same result. Establish what is included in the written quote, and you have an agreement to refer back to if things don’t go as planned.

Not all property maintenance issues do need to be actioned straight away, but knowing which ones do can be problematic. That tiny leak in the gutter may well lead to a collapsed ceiling because of where it is. That rotting timber on your patio is actually a structural beam that will lead to the whole patio collapsing if not fixed.

Navigating the choice can be easy, and doing this yourself can be too. It can be even easier when you have an experienced, and trustworthy contact to guide you on the way.

If you want to chat about your maintenance issues, contact Amedeo.

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Removing a Stairwell and Replacing with Paved Area

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We had to remove this flight of stairs and replace the area with paving.

This some massive concrete removal!

Lots of rubbish to be taken away!

Filling hole before brick pavers are laid. We compacted the sand before laying the pavers.

This brick paving after stairs removed

All poles removed and replaced with new

41 posts each had heavy concrete to be removed

Replaced brick paving right around the building

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